Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Mystic Eye (Game)

Over the last twenty years or so I have experimented with Ouija boards, pendulums, automatic drawing, and other forms of automatism. I seem to have some sort of block against this type of thing, or maybe I just have not invested enough time to develop the skills required.

Earlier this week I ordered the "Mystic Eye Game" from Amazon. It arrived a few hours ago. It is a board with the words "YES" and "NO" along with numbers, the letters of the alphabet and various other words. The game comes with a pendulum that you hold over the center of the board. Then something odd happens... the pendulum will literally point to an answer.

I asked the Mystic Eye a few Yes/No answers to start out. It answered much more quickly than I expected. The first answer spun the pendulum around the circle three times in about a second and stopped abruptly on the "YES" section of the circle. It's kind of like a cross between a pendulum and a talking board except it is much more uncanny to look at. I still do not know if the answers to my first few questions were correct since they are still in the future.

My next questions required the Mystic Eye to spell out answers. For a few minutes I thought I was going to have to re-sell the game on eBay. The pendulum would spin and spin in circles in one direction and then spin in the other. Then the pendulum would move back and forth in arcs between sections of the board.

Then it spelled a name. It moved straight past plain pendulums and talking boards. You see, with all of my previous experiments I have not been able to get anything coherent out of a talking board (while using it by myself) and nothing other than binary answers (Yes/No, Day/Night, etc.) from a pendulum.

Like the Ouija and other talking boards, the Mystic Eye is sold as a game. I do appreciate the entertainment value of automatism, but I see much more potential in this "game".