Welcome to The Occult and Magick blog.

I am Brother Enoch. I am a lifelong natural occultist. Some of my first words were accounts of past lives and astral travel. That was more than 35 years ago.

I am now an intelligent and rational adult who has had more than his fair share of extraordinary experiences.

This blog is for writing about the occult and magick. I will write about the books I read, occult experiments, and magickal exercises. Please feel free to make respectful comments and join me on FaceBook by clicking the badge to the right.

If you see me on FaceBook or another network and wonder why I'm not participating or even wonder why I'm not responding to your instant messages, please let me explain...

I love the occult. I love reading about magic, Wizards, Witches, scrying, astral travel, and arcane lore. I have even had many genuine occult experiences. BUT I am not feeling a connection to any of the so-called occult communities present on the internet. If you send me an instant message asking, "RU vamper our utherskin. im teh hi preest ov furry-ferri uttershin trudishen..." WELL, I'll probably press the 'delete' or 'ignore' button. It's not an attack, I just don't know if you are a child or a drug addict.

If you can understand what you just read and haven't closed your browser window, please enjoy your reading here at The Occult and Magick blog.

-Brother Enoch